ridyr-writing asked:

Hi! I saw your post about the new GoT pictures with what looks Sandor and and Arya in the Vale, but can't find the rest of the pictures for the life of me. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Hi :) The pictures come from there : http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/got/gallery.htm (Season 4 - Episode 8). You’ll find everything you want there :) It’s by far the best site for all HQ GOT stills (and they have galleries for other shows too :p). The only thing they lack for GOT is screencaptures, but here you can find good screencaptures of Season 4 : http://gallery.gameofthronesfan.org/index.php?cat=63 .

Hope that helps :) And you’re welcome, you’re my first ask (Tumblrbot obviously doesn’t count ;))

My feelings about the new pictures of next Episode.

Sandor : OMG Is that the San to my San I can feel up there ? #Lovefeels

Arya : No Wedding ? Chances of an actual family reunion have gone up ! #YAAAY

Sansa : Nope, not going to happen ! You sweet summer child, has something good ever happened to me on the Show ? Not going to happen. (#Mylifesucks #Solonely) 

Photos from Far Far Away Site.